Make the most of your attic space when renovating

Renovating your attic can be an excellent way to create extra living space in your home, whether it’s for a bedroom, home office, playroom, or even a small apartment. Here are some tips to make the most of your attic space when renovating. Maximize natural light: Attics can be dark spaces, so it’s important to […]

We tell you the 5 most popular window treatments for your new home.

In our latest blog we research the best window treatments for your home. Choosing the right blinds can enhance the appeal of your home, providing a finished look to your windows. With a wide range of styles, materials, and colours to choose from, you can easily find window blinds that complement the design of your […]

5 questions you need to ask when decluttering for a future sale

When you finally make the decision to put your home on the market one of the most daunting tasks is undoubtedly decluttering your home. Let’s face it, decluttering can be really hard! Finding the time to actually start can be one of the most challenging aspects of this task. First you need to sit down […]

Be Ready to Answer Common Buyer Questions About Your Home

With any type of home sale, potential buyers will always have questions they want to ask. A good estate agent usually knows ahead of time the kind of questions that will be asked, usually because they have heard most of them during their career.   But there are many frequent questions asked and it will be […]

5 Tips to Ensure Your Viewing Is a Success

The purpose of showing your home is to hook that all important buyer. Potential buyers should arrive at your home and be impressed – so impressed in fact, that they’re ready to make an offer. You need to grasp this one chance to make a first impression on potential buyers and you need to make […]

Highlighting the Best Features of Your House for Prospective Buyers

Selling your home can present certain challenges, one of these is getting the correct pricefor your home. With that in mind you need to give buyers enough reasons to buy yourhome. Your home may have certain features that will interest buyers. For instance, if it’s a Georgian home it might have a feature fireplace or antique […]

5 Renovations you SHOULD consider before you sell your home

When it’s time to sell a house, many homeowners start thinking about sprucingup their home or doing some renovations to get the most out of the sale. While renovations are a good idea, some are more important than others.Kitchen and bathroom renovations help a homeowner recoup the investment more than laying a new lawn or replacing the […]

Newbridge Guide

Byrne Malones local guide to Newbridge Newbridge local Guide

New Year New Move

The new year encourages many of us to make positive changes in our lives. A popular choice is pledging to do more exercise, while some people might decide to learn a new skill. But if you were one of the many sellers who put their home on the market last year and you haven’t yet […]

How saleable is your home? Try our saleability scorecard and see

Selling a home might not be an exact science, but there are a number of factors that will make a huge difference to how successful your sale will be. Our experience has shown us that homes that sell quickly and for a good price tend to have certain key things in common, so we’ve developed […]