5 key lighting options for your home

In our latest blog we explore 5 ways to improve how you light your home. Selecting the right lighting for your home is essential to create ambiance, enhance functionality, and showcase your interior design. There is a wide array of lighting choices available, each serving a specific purpose. Understanding these options can help you make […]

Choosing the correct paint colours for your new home

Choosing paint colors for your new home can be a fun and exciting process! However, it can also be overwhelming with the vast array of choices available. There are some exciting new paint suppliers in the Irish market who offer a vast array of paint colours and types, Dulux and Crown are familiar brands but […]

Make the most of your attic space when renovating

Renovating your attic can be an excellent way to create extra living space in your home, whether it’s for a bedroom, home office, playroom, or even a small apartment. Here are some tips to make the most of your attic space when renovating. Maximize natural light: Attics can be dark spaces, so it’s important to […]

Retrofitting your home with a heat pump.

With soaring energy bills and a winter of discontent ahead, the subject of retrofitting your home has never been more topical. In our latest blog we discuss the pros and cons of retrofitting your home with a new heat pump and we also look at the different types of heat pumps which could help you […]

Downsizing upsizing and right-sizing – Make the right move for you

Are you thinking about making a change to where you live? You may be thinking of downsizing, upsizing or right-sizing. If you no longer need all the rooms in your home, you might have decided to downsize into something smaller. Or perhaps it’s the opposite – you need more space, in which case, it could […]