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New Year New Move

The new year encourages many of us to make positive changes in our lives. A popular choice is pledging to do more exercise, while some people might decide to learn a new skill. But if you were one of the many sellers who put their home on the market last year and you haven’t yet […]

How saleable is your home? Try our saleability scorecard and see

Selling a home might not be an exact science, but there are a number of factors that will make a huge difference to how successful your sale will be. Our experience has shown us that homes that sell quickly and for a good price tend to have certain key things in common, so we’ve developed […]


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7 Tips to sell your home in winter

If you’re ready to move, you might be wondering whether to put your home on the market now or wait until the spring. Well, although winter may traditionally be a quieter time for home-moving than spring and summer, the market is still very much open for business and selling your home in this colder season […]

Downsizing upsizing and right-sizing – Make the right move for you

Are you thinking about making a change to where you live? You may be thinking of downsizing, upsizing or right-sizing. If you no longer need all the rooms in your home, you might have decided to downsize into something smaller. Or perhaps it’s the opposite – you need more space, in which case, it could […]

Unique homes: how we value them

Valuing unique homes can be quite a challenge, as there’s often very little to compare them to. How do we decide what kind of value should be put on a fabulous view, a stunning waterfront location or a one-off architectural design? How much of a premium might the outstanding features of your home attract? Well, […]

Summer selling for an autumn move

Summer selling for an autumn move Summer selling for an Autumn move. With bright, sunny days, gardens at their greenest and flowers blooming, your marketing photos will look fabulous! More daylight hours and generally better weather than at other times of  the year give people much more opportunity to view your home at its best […]

6 Simple steps to prepare your home for viewings

6 Simple steps to prepare your home for viewings We know from experience that the better your home looks and feels when potential buyers come to view, the more likely you are to get an asking price offer. For many people, the decision about whether to buy a home is an emotional one, and we’ve […]

An Insiders Guide: Questions To Guarantee You Hire The Best Estate Agent

An Insiders Guide: Questions To Guarantee You Hire The Best Estate Agent. This cheat sheet will ensure you appoint the best estate agent to sell your home in Dublin 24 When you call the agency office: How was the phone answered? Did they have a good telephone manner? Were they helpful? Did they ask the right […]