Renovating a kitchen is probably the biggest undertaking a homeowner can do. For that reason it’s always best to make a plan and even hire outside design help before you start. In our latest blog we discuss all the key questions you should ask yourself before-hand and we also give you our best hints and tips.

What will you use the kitchen for?

First you have to consider all the uses for your kitchen. Will you use it just as a kitchen for cooking and eating? Or will it be a multi-use space incorporating a living area or a play area or even an office. Do you need a utility area for washing machines and dryers and how will that look in your kitchen? You may also need to consider dining and seating arrangements and for how many people. When setting your plan in place you need to consider the needs of all the family and what will work best for them.

Pick your style.

Now we get to the fun part! Choosing the style of kitchen that you like and what will suit the space. Draw inspiration from sites like Pinterest and and visit as many showrooms as you can, then use a moodboard to put all your ideas in one place. This will help you to visualise what the kitchen may look like and if the colours are suitable for the space. It will also help to keep all your tile, handle, taps and door choices in one place for you to easily access. Don’t be easily swayed by showroom sales people, they will try to sell the full kitchen that’s on show to you and you may want to buy items like hardware and handles elsewhere.

Pre plan worktops and flooring

It will pay in the long run to pre plan your kitchen surfaces, and one of your first considerations should be the flooring. Whether you go for tiles or wood the choice you make will set the tone and colour scheme for the rest of the kitchen. You might also have to decide if you are going to run the flooring throughout the rest of the downstairs for a more seamless look, or if you want to have the kitchen separate from the rest of the house. 

Choosing countertops can be an arduous task and depending on your choice it could add thousands to the cost of your kitchen. Marble and Granite are the most expensive countertops and while they are elegant and beautiful, they can be porous and retain stains. Quartz is one of the best stone countertop choices, it is an engineered stone and is hard wearing and non-staining. If you are on a budget then laminate is an excellent choice, it comes in a wide range of colours and styles and can mimic the look of marble or wood.

Kitchen Appliances

If you have hired a kitchen designer then it is best to let them guide you through the placement of your appliances. If not then your main questions should be; do you need an eye level oven of a range cooker? If you have an island, are you placing a sink there or a hob cooker? What style of fridge are you looking at? If it’s an american style fridge you will need extra space for it.

Do you need to update the rest of the kitchen?

If you are planning a new kitchen then you may have to employ a plumber, electrician, plasterer and painter. This is definitely an aspect of remodelling that people tend to overlook. During the construction process walls may get damaged, new electrical wiring may need to be installed and pipes for sinks may need to be re-routed. All of this could need outside expertise and you will have to take that into consideration when planning your budget.

It can come as a shock to some when the final tally is made and the extras have run up to thousands, but good preplanning and having a contingency fund should help to eliminate any big surprises.


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