Selling your home can present certain challenges, one of these is getting the correct price
for your home. With that in mind you need to give buyers enough reasons to buy your
home. Your home may have certain features that will interest buyers. For instance, if it’s a
Georgian home it might have a feature fireplace or antique dado/picture rails, if it’s a new
home it is probably A rated and has a walk-in wardrobe, all these features need to be
highlighted in the marketing material and your agents needs to be made aware of them.

Location, location, location
While your agent automatically puts general features in the listing, it’s no harm to check
with them to see what extra features can be shown.
For example, some young couples with school aged children are looking for homes that are
close to good schools, if your home is a quick walk to the local school make sure that your
agent highlights that in the brochure. Other people might look for homes that are close to
the local shopping area or near to a railway station.

Checklist of desirable features
Although your estate agent will highlight the most desirable features of your house in the
listing, online ads, or social media, you can add to this by making sure you follow a checklist.

1. Remove as much furniture as you can feasibly live without while your home sells. Take
out anything that takes up space on the floor, this will make your house look bigger and
draw attention to the space.

2. One feature that buyers look for is good flooring. An agent can give suggestions on what
to do, but most people prefer hard flooring – like wood or tile.

3. If you have real hardwood flooring, highlighting that is a must! Anything you have
upgraded or renovated in your home can be a standout feature. A range cooker or stove is a
wonderful selling point and a focal feature of your kitchen and should be included as a main
feature in your brochure.

4. Buyers also like a large or walk-in pantry or outdoor living spaces such as garden rooms or
large patios. A south-facing back garden can be high value with buyers and your agent needs
to mention that in the online marketing material.

Feature things like decks and garages as well. If you have an outdoor built in BBQ, that
should be highlighted as feature.

Looking after the environment
With energy prices skyrocketing and the cost of living on the rise, buyers have become more
energy conscious in recent years. If you have switched and upgraded items in your home to
be more energy efficient you need to highlight that. If you upgraded an old boiler or
changed to a heat pump, make sure your agent puts it as a feature in the marketing
material. Solar panels or nest lighting systems are other features you can highlight.

And finally!
Unique and spacious garages, office or family rooms appeal to home buyers. Other features
include good outdoor lighting, a well-defined walkway to your front door or a landscaped
front garden. Any feature that you or your real estate agent highlights should be in top
shape. If you have a feature in your home that needs to be spruced up or replaced, do it
before you list your home.

You should put the home’s best foot forward so that the first impression is a good one.
Some agents will advise you not to bother with home repairs prior to sale but be very
careful. Afterall you wouldn’t try and sell your car without cleaning it and touching up the

If you are based in the Kildare or Dublin areas, whether you’re on the market already or just
thinking about selling, if you’d like our advice on how you can highlight the best features of
your home, call us on 045 815855, 01 912 5500 or email and we can help you transform your space. We’re always here to help and would love to hear from you!

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