An Insiders Guide: Questions To Guarantee You Hire The Best Estate Agent. This cheat sheet will ensure you appoint the best estate agent to sell your home in Dublin 24

When you call the agency office:

  • How was the phone answered?
  • Did they have a good telephone manner?
  • Were they helpful?
  • Did they ask the right questions to understand what you are looking for?
  • Ask yourself, could I work with this company?

Questions To Ask A Prospective Estate Agent When You Meet Them;

  • Check that the agent you are dealing with is fully licensed!!! Some agencies in Dublin 24 will use unlicensed agents. You should ask to see their license or you can look them up here:
  • Tell us why you are better than other estate agents?
    • This should be easy for an agent to answer.
  • The contract- Are we tied into a long contract or can we cancel at any stage if we are not happy? You should never be tied into a long contract
  • The Fees- Can you tell us how much your fees are and why? The cheapest is not always the best
  • What is their market knowledge and experience of the local area?
  • How will they market your property? What is their marketing plan?
  • Where will they advertise your home?
  • How will they advertise your home?
  • Ask them for a sample brochure
  • What marketing features do they intend to apply to your property? For example:.
    • Will they use professional photography,
    • Will they provide a floor plan?
    • Bespoke name and marketing logo for your home if required?
    • Will they provide viewers with a professional brochure or a shoddy print off from the office or worse still-nothing at all?
  • Can they give examples or case studies of ensuring difficult sales went through to completion?
  • What works do they recommend you carry out on your home to prepare it for sale.
  • Beware the agent that says “I wouldn’t bother doing any works” without a good reason.
  • Remember its crucial to have your house looking its best when you go to market.
    • You wouldn’t dream of buying a car that wasn’t at least valeted.

Finally, are they enthusiastic. Never choose an agent that’s in too much of a hurry or doesn’t seem keen on your property. If they are willing to display those characteristics to you when they should be putting their best foot forward to win your confidence, they’ll have no hesitation in putting off buyers with their shoddy attitude.

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