Selling your house is a big decision for anyone to make. No doubt, you will have examined all of your options and looked at the various pro’s and cons. You’ve appointed your agent and they’ve listed it online and in their window but still no offers or no sale.

Whats going on? Well to me if your house is for sale and you’ve had no offers then something is wrong. Don’t believe your agent when they say “well the market is very quiet at the moment” for sure the market is quieter than previous times but there is a buyer for everything no matter what state your property is in.

Here are the main reasons why your home has not sold yet;

Reason 1 Bad photos 

Sometimes bad photos can be obvious and other times bad photos are not obvious to the standard viewer but those bad photos are the difference between a person enquiring about your house or not. Be ruthless on the standard of photography that your expect with your agent.

Reason 2 Bad Styling

How does your house interior look? It may look fine to you but to a good agent and the potential  purchaser viewing your house online then first impressions are everything.  When a house is styled correctly the enquiry level for that property can be as much as 3 times  higher than average or poor styling.

Reason 4 Bad Agent

Okay, lets be honest here, there are bad actors in every sector and whilst the vast majority of agents in Ireland are excellent there are some who are not that enthusiastic about their job and may not follow up on enquirers or may not have written a good description of your property. If in doubt about your agent why not call them and have a chat about the progress of your sale and your fears that you have and so on.

Reason 5 Overpriced

Maybe your property is overpriced, have a look at the property price register but dont be deceived. Just because a 4 bed house on your street got €395000 6 months ago may not mean that yours will get €410000 because you have a conservatory for example. The best way to find out is to look at other properties on the market and get feedback from your agent. I always make a point of talking with viewers who DO NOT bid for a property as they can give me valuable insight and feedback into what the general public thinks of the property.

If you have any queries about selling your home or are stuck on the market with no offers or worse still no viewers then why not contact us at Byrne Malone Estate Agents on 01 9125500 or my mobile is 0877740742

Good Luck with Everything